Want to hear about our boutique fitness day?

Posted 22.01.2016

The Promote team headed to London yesterday for some boutique fitness fun (?!).

First-up was a gruelling morning workout session at Barry’s Bootcamp – the lights went down, the music was turned up and the Barry’s experience began. The signature hour-long workout included thirty minutes of interval cardiovascular treadmill routines and thirty minutes of strength training utilising free weights and medicine balls. 

The thumping music-filled environment and motivation from Barrys Bootcamp Trainer Sonja Moses ensured the team pushed personal boundaries to burn around 1,000 calories in just one hour, but believe us when we say it was tough!

After some re-fuelling it was onwards to 1Rebel, with murmurs of apprehension from the team on whether a session so soon after the first was a good idea. However, those worries soon diminished after being welcomed with boxing gloves at the incredibly stylish ‘King of Gyms’ venue. The ‘Rumble’ session with incredibly supportive 1Rebel Trainer Ami Dunne incorporated explosive speed, footwork and strength in an immersive space, filled with forty-five minutes of sound and energy. 

Towards the end of the session the lights were turned down and all were encouraged by to rid their stress by attacking the bags – punching, kicking, jabbing, you name it. The session can be summed up as a cardio boxing and mixed martial arts battle, that proved to be a lot of fun!

Check out our ratings out of ten below – and watch this space for upcoming sport and fitness days we’ve got planned. 

Barry’s Bootcamp:

Sophie – 9

Amelia – 9

Katie – 9

Hayley – 9

Catherine – 8

Nicky – 9


Sophie – 10

Amelia -10

Katie – 10

Hayley – 10

Catherine – 10

Nicky – 11


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