Tom's Top Tips

Posted 30.06.2017

We have been thrilled with the work of our summer intern, Tom Judge. 

Tom – who’s on a year out from his BA in Sport and Social Sciences at the University of Bath – joined us at the end of his placement year to gain two months commercial experience at our agency. 

Here’s what Tom said:

“My short time at Promote has involved so many enjoyable opportunities and experiences. Even in my first week I supported the team at the Elevate Conference and the Women’s Sport Trust #BeAGameChangerAwards. Being involved with these prestigious events enabled me to meet a range of high-profile individuals involved in the sports and fitness industry.

I’ve also relished the challenge of helping out across a wide range of clients including high profile brands such as TRX, Wattbike, the RFULife Fitness and Polar

With the guidance and support of the knowledgeable team I’ve quickly picked up so many new skills and concepts, many of which will be of huge use as I progress with my chosen career.

Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of such a professional team whilst gaining invaluable first-hand insight into the workings of commercial sports agency.”

Tom’s Tips for other students…

Unfortunately, graduating from University with a good degree is no longer enough for most employers. The graduate job market is becoming increasingly competitive so you need to stand out when it comes to applying for employment opportunities. As well as providing huge self-confidence and skills, a good work placement also helps you to identify what you’d like to do in the future. 

Here are my four recommendations for students looking for work placement…

1.  Gain as much work experience as possible
Whether that’s volunteering or a casual weekend job, it all counts and go towards developing you as a professional and consequently making you more employable

2.  Network, network, network
Networking is essential to expand your list of potential employer contacts. Make a great first impression with someone, sustain the relationship, and you never know whether they may have a job for you in the future. Take time to follow up on LinkedIn and build your virtual network too

3.  Be pro-active
Jobs won’t come to you… you must put the work in to make it happen. 

4.  Be open to a variety of different career paths
I’ve changed my mind several times about what career I’d ultimately like to pursue, simply through being exposed to some many different experiences and people. Instead of getting yourself caught up on something, if it doesn’t work out, keep your options open and see what else might be out there for you.

Placement has been one of the best experiences of my life so far and I will always positively reflect on this year.

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