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Posted 17.07.2019

Introducing the Polar Ignite, featuring amazing new sleep and recovery metrics and over 130 sports profiles, the Polar Ignite is a watch designed for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Emma and Dan were lucky enough to get their hands on two Beta samples ahead of the product launch two weeks ago and have discussed their thoughts on some of the Ignite’s key features.

The first thing we noticed about the new Polar Ignite is how light it is, compared to other watches we have used in the past. Not surprising considering it weighs only 35g! When wearing the Ignite we found that you simply forgot you are wearing a watch. It’s lightweight and compact design meant we often forgot we were wearing the watch when going to bed, allowing us to drift off into a deep sleep with ease.

When it comes to features the Ignite offers more than just a review of your training, it tries to provide you with advice on how to improve your performance through its FitSpark™ feature. FitSpark™ utilises data from your previous training sessions to make calculated suggestions on what sort of session your body would benefit from. FitSpark™ will suggest that you take part in a mobility, cardio or strength session, before providing you with a workout plan that is visible on the watch itself. For anyone who might not be that confident with coming up with an exercise session for themselves, the Fitspark™ provides an outline of exercises and little stick figures demonstrate how to perform the exercises correctly. Perfect for those who might need a little more guidance!


The FitSpark is able to take in to account all activity logged, so advises on the training you need to best balance out your exercise regime. For Dan who likes to spend a majority of his exercise routine in the gym, the Ignite likes to recommend he supplements his activity with cardio workouts. For Emma, she is guilty of doing too much running without stretching properly so the Ignite reminds her to stretch and provides both dynamic and stretching workouts for her to follow.

We also think it is worth pointing out that, similarly to the other Polar products, the Ignite is waterproof up to 30m (perfect for swimmers) and has inbuilt GPS. Emma has taken the Ignite out on every single run and tested against her mother’s Polar Vantage M and the GPS tracking has been spot on each time, with both watches measuring the same distance. GPS signal is always picked up in a matter of seconds too.

Although the Ignite contains a range of fitness tracking features, Polar has designed its new watch to be more than just a fitness watch. Featuring revolutionary new sleep metrics that offer a unique insight into the quality of your sleep, the Polar Ignite focuses on mindfulness and wellbeing as much as fitness.

We found that the sleep metrics offer an amazing amount of detail, including how much of your sleep was spent in the different sleep zones including REM sleep, light sleep and deep sleep. It then provides you with an overall score as to how well you slept and how well your body has recovered. These metrics have opened our eyes to the importance of a good night sleep and how it affects your performance not only in the gym but also when completing your day to day activities.

The new Nightly Recharge feature also feeds into FitSpark – for example, if you have had an awful night sleep, the Ignite recommends that that day you might like to take it easy with exercise so as to avoid potential injury.


The Polar Ignite does more than simply track your sleep, it offers you an insight into the quality of your sleep and how your body has recovered from the challenges it has endured during the day. The Ignite details your ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) charge by combining information including heart rate, heart rate variability and breathing rate. Using this information, the Polar Ignite is able to provide details of how well recovered your body is before recommending a form of exercise to best suit your bodies state of recovery.

The Ignite also includes a guided meditation feature called Serene which has been incorporated into the watch to offer users a mindfulness tool that can be accessed anywhere and completed in a matter of minutes. We found that it was a great addition to the Ignite and found it very useful when suffering from a stressful day.

Overall, we love the Polar Ignite, we think its sleek and stylish design are complimented by its amazing array of features that focus on both the physical and mindfulness areas of its users’ lifestyles. We also feel that with the growing importance of mental health in today’s society, the Ignite offers its users the best support possible when facing the stresses of day-to-day life while also giving you the ability to review your lifestyle and improve it for the better.

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