Getting enough movement during the working day

Posted 11.06.2019

As part of our work with Anytime Fitness, the UK’s largest fitness franchise which has over 160 gym locations, we’re fortunate to receive fantastic expert comment features from their Head of Fitness, Marvin Burton. Marvin has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, developing programs and education for leading fitness names including TRX and Wattbike.

Very recently Marvin recommended what we can do to ensure we’re getting enough movement through the working day to keep your body functioning. Read on to find out more!


“The easiest way to maintain movement levels is to incorporate strategies into your working day and create habits that involve movement. Here are some ideas:

1) Transition to a standing desk (if possible) or move to another location at work which is higher and enables standing. Sitting less is much better for you!
2) Set a computer reminder each hour that prompts you to get up, go for a walk and stretch.
3) Never eat at your desk! This isn’t good for your mental or physical health. When the weather allows you to, get outside for some essential vitamin D and fresh air.
4) Leave the office during breaks – find somewhere away from your workspace!
5) Take some trainers/running shoes to work. If you always have access to the correct footwear you might be more likely to put them on and have a 20-minute stroll during your breaks.
6) Stand up and stretch. Rotations of your spine and shoulders, stretching the muscles in your legs or even a few marches on the spot will at least bump the blood around your body and get some oxygen flowing
7) Increase your water intake. This will reduce your cravings for high sugar foods (which make you feel lethargic), improve your health and lead to a few extra trips to the toilet (every step counts!).
8) Plan meetings in different locations. This may lead to a longer walk or include a few flights of stairs.
9) Elect a ‘workplace champion’ who can motivate the office, lead short exercise routines or provide information that could help and inspire you all.
10) Change your footwear to a flat and natural shoe. Often referred to as ‘zero heel’ or ‘barefoot’ shoe. This will allow for much more movement in your foot, reduce pressure on the knees and hips which concurrently reduce back pain

Alongside these tips it would also be helpful to stretch and improve movement around the key muscles in your hips such as your glutes, hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs. These muscles rely upon regular movement, strong muscles and activity. Once left in the same position for long periods, they become less active and responsive, and weaker.”

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