25 very special friends of Promote

Posted 16.01.2019

As Promote celebrates its 25th anniversary, I’d like to say a huge thank to all the fabulous people that have worked at Promote over the years, along with our clients and industry friends. Their ongoing support has been essential for the success and growth of the agency.

I’d also like to recognise 25 individuals who have played an especially important role. These are the people who have so generously invested their time, energy, and sometimes money, to help me and the agency to thrive. They’ve gone above and beyond to provide great advice, recommend us to others, been supportive, loyal, kind and generous.

So, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary, here’s my heartfelt thanks to 25 very special ‘friends of Promote’.

Paul Narraway

I worked at Paul’s sports sponsorship agency (MDI, part of Y&R) for just six months before leaving to set up Promote. Paul was incredibly generous to let me leave with his blessing and encouraged me to take BUPA (the business I had sourced) with me as one of my first sports sponsorship clients.

John LeGear

The CEO of Timothy Communications in Chicago, John generously shared his expertise and advice when I was setting up Promote PR back in 1994. A quarter of a century later, we still follow many of John’s recommendations for running a productive agency and delivering great client service.

Lori Theisen

A US client at Gatorade, Lori became a lifelong friend. Twenty-five years after first meeting her in at a GSSI event in Chicago, I still hugely value the sound advice and guidance she gives.

Jean Malcolm

My mum’s best friend who, in 1993, lent me the money to set up my home office with a computer from Dixons, a Rolodex, photocopier and telephone / fax machine. Forever grateful to Auntie Jean.

John Lillie

John Lillie’s company, 220 Magazine, was my first client as I sourced sponsorship for its triathlon events. It’s great that 25 years later we’re back immersed in the wonderful world of triathlon.

John Cullinan

I was so sad to hear recently that John Cullinan had died. He gave me the encouragement and confidence to set up on my own in 1994, with BUPA (where he worked) as one of our first clients.

Bob Paton

The then CEO of the Fitness Industry Association (FIA, now ukactive), Bob was instrumental in establishing me and Promote at the very heart of the fitness sector. Extraordinarily well connected and generous with his time, the perfect mentor for someone setting out in a new field.

Karen Anstiss

My first colleague (and now my wonderful sister-in-law) I have so many funny, fond memories of working with Karen in the early days at 35, Devon Waye.

David Giampaolo

Then the CEO of Forza, one of our earliest clients, David ensured we truly felt like an extension of his team. Grateful for the trust he put into the fledgling agency in the 1990s.

Sion Jones

In the early days we suddenly lost a big client and cash flow was very tight. Sion provided the reassuring advice needed and kindly lent me money to get us back on track. Made all the difference at the time.

Jonathan Blythe

My first accountant who gave brilliant advice to help me establish the business and then grow it over the first 15 years. Always enjoyed my visits to Sheen to meet with him and Jenni Waite.

Lynda Brown

We first worked for Lynda in her role at Forza Fitness in the early 1990s. She’s since been a client of Promote many times over the years, enabling us to deliver some great campaigns for the likes of Cannons, Fitness First and Lifetime Training.

Dr Bob Murray

As head of The Gatorade Sports Science Institute, Dr Bob was a very important client early for the agency, but more importantly a fantastic friend and supporter of my ambition.

Jasmine Flatters MBE

Jasmine came on board to help with a project to find our first proper office and then remained my right-hand woman for 14 years, managing everything in the office with superb efficiency.

Steve Gregg

So many wonderful memories of working for Steve at Gatorade in Europe. His belief in me and the agency enabled us to take the next steps and develop new skills and services.

Roy and Pat Anstiss

Where would I have been without the ‘bank of mum and dad’. Always there for small, (sometimes interest-free) loans in times of need, providing magnificent support and pride in what I achieved.

Lindsey Nash-Simpson

Joining us from the FIA, Lindsey was a fabulous asset to our team. A lovely colleague who shaped the business in many ways for the future. Sadly, we weren’t big enough at the time to keep this ambitious young woman who went on to flourish further elsewhere.

Nigel Wallace

A long-term client of Promote across a variety of organisations (including the FIA, SIBEC, Lifetime Training and now EMD UK) Nigel has always been a great champion and friend of the agency.

Katie Lewis

Katie joined as an Account Manager and left 13 years later as an Account Director, instrumental in building our credentials in fitness. Not only was Katie a fantastic colleague, we enjoyed many laughs over those years too. Our night-time synchronised swimming display at SIBEC is a particularly fond memory…

Patrick Henchoz

Needing money to expand the business about 10 years ago, I thought I’d approach a few fitness entrepreneurs to offer a small investment opportunity. Patrick was the first person I spoke to and he immediately said yes. His kindness and guidance (as well as his investment) in the following years has been invaluable.

Kate Hannon

Kate popped in to our office to help with a small project and eight years later she’s the backbone of the agency handling everything that’s not PR. Extraordinary, talented, kind, perceptive – not sure where I’d be without her.

Holly Woodford

Having appointed us for an initial project at England Hockey, Holly went on to open many doors for us in sport, as she spread the word about our fabulous work to anyone that would listen.

Katie Paterson

A fantastic employee who taught me so much and ended up a friend for life. Anyone that knows Katie understands the powerful impact of her passion and love of life. We were lucky to have her in our team not once, but twice.

Nasima Hussain

In the two years since Nas joined Promote she’s transformed what was already a great agency into something quite extraordinary. Her vast experience, sound judgement and open approach (and her ability to manage me) means that our 25th year will be our most successful yet.

And finally…


Matt Horler

Ever supportive and patient, whether providing sound advice or just listening to my thoughts after a busy day, my lovely husband Matt has enabled me to fully invest myself into the business, knowing the family at home are happy and healthy (well fed and in the right place). Couldn’t have done this without him. x

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