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2014 Archive

08-Sep-2014 - Fitness Innovations at The Chelsea Health Club

08-Sep-2014 - We're diving in with Total Swimming

08-Sep-2014 - Parkour Generations launch Mov'

09-Jul-2014 - Saying hello to our new starters

09-Jul-2014 - Our triathlete heads off to Canada

09-Jul-2014 - Life Fitness Personal Trainers to Watch

06-Jun-2014 - Sports, Fitness & Health Festival

04-Jun-2014 - #BeAGameChanger

04-Jun-2014 - Flame Awards

07-May-2014 - Running Re-imagined

07-May-2014 - Working with LIW in 2014

07-May-2014 - Photos from our annual industry party

07-Apr-2014 - Our review of the FIBO Show 2014

07-Apr-2014 - '11 points with Laura Massaro'

07-Apr-2014 - We're recruiting!

05-Mar-2014 - Here's one we prepared earlier...

03-Mar-2014 - Our month in pictures

03-Mar-2014 - Making a splash for The Henley Swim

05-Feb-2014 - Decathlon launches new Oxford store

05-Feb-2014 - Workplace Challenge

05-Feb-2014 - Welcoming our new starters

09-Jan-2014 - Welcoming back Life Fitness

07-Jan-2014 - Lifetime Training back on board!

01-Jan-2014 - Sue joins the Berkshire Board

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Fitness Innovations at The Chelsea Health Club

Fitness Innovations at The Chelsea Health Club

We're inviting lots of our media contacts to see a range of 2015 fitness innovations at the newly refurbished Chelsea Health Club and Spa on September 25 - including the chance to try the revolutionary new Zone dome and enjoy a masterclass session with Mr OceanWalker himself - Adam Walker.

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