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Core PR

Core media relations is our bread and butter. So no matter how far we branch out into offering innovative new services, we ensure we have a team working hard placing editorial and promotions for our clients.

Over 18 years we’ve built strong relationships with the health, sports and leisure media, and also have some superb contacts in the national and consumer press. Much of our work involves pitching potential feature ideas to these contacts and often we write and submit the articles once sold in. Our roles vary from client to client as we feel it is really important to offer a bespoke service depending on the account’s needs.

Just to give you a brief idea of the kind of things we do to get press coverage for our clients: photocalls, case studies, media stunts, commissioning research, product trials, desk top briefings and distributing press releases. If you have any specific ideas that you want to discuss with us, please feel free to contact Sue on 01628 630363.

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