Top ten tips for using twitter lists

If you’re a regular user of Twitter you’ll probably already be aware of Twitter lists, a great, free resource to manage your Twitter experience.

We’re big fans of twitter lists, ideal to help you see what a particular group of people have been sharing at any point and to ensure you don’t miss any key tweets in a busy twitter stream.

We asked @sueanstiss to share her TEN TOP TIPS for using lists to get even more from Twitter…

  • 1.   A staff directory
    Find all you employees who are on Twitter and save them in one list. A simple thing to do which encourages more sharing across a company and also means you can quickly keep in touch with what your team are sharing.

  • 2.   Event attendees
    Creating a list of everyone on twitter at an event means you can follow along even if you’re not in attendance. Following an event hashtag is also a great way to collect tweets around an event. We’ll be doing that this week at the #ukactivesummit

  • 3.   Creating lists for your customers
    Think about what your customers or clients might be interested in and create some lists with suggestions of experts to follow. For our industry that might be the best fitness bloggers, sports reporters or National Governing Bodies of Sport.

  • 4.  Client list (one to keep private)
    This is a really useful way to keep on top of all the activity of your key clients and follow what they are sharing on social media. For lists like this we would recommend set them as ‘Private’ – both to protect your clients and to protect your business!

  • 5.   The ‘follow me’ list
    This is a list of Twitter users who you’re hoping will notice you and eventually follow you. Having them in a list makes it easier for you to track their updates, engage with their tweets and hopefully get them to follow you. Limit to the list to about 10-15, and when they do follow you (or you realise they never will) change them for other targets.

  • 6.Competitors’ list
    This can be a great way to keep an eye on other people in the industry and see what sort of content they are sharing. Again, often a good idea to keep this one private.

  • 7.Industry list
    This list will include the key influencers and thought leaders in your sector, which for us includes fitness and sports. Great way to keep in touch with latest the news and opinion in your business.

  • 8.   ‘People who retweet you’ list

Always good to keep a list of people who retweet you often so you can see their content and share their tweets too. You might want to keep this private or find a more subtle name for it if you’re making it public.

  • 9.   Your affiliations 

Use your twitter list to promote any group or organisation where you’re a member. This could be a university alumni group, industry organisation or LinkedIn group. Add those you know to the list and invite others to provide details too.

  • 10.   Close friends and family

Twitter’s not all about work of course. Make a list with the details of all those people that matter most to you so you’ll never lose track of their tweets in your twitter stream and you can favourite, reply and retweet to everything you see. 

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