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In his first week as a Junior Account Executive, Dan accompanied Ruth into Farringdon, London, to attend a talk by two of LADbible’s senior communication team.

The presentation focused on SPORTbible, a popular sport related social media page which is part of the LADbible group. The talk was led by Head of Communications, Peter Heneghan and Brand Marketing Manager Nick Hodgkins.

The talk focused upon how LADbible and specifically SPORTbible chose their content, but most importantly how they ensured it related to their audience while creating content that will satisfy both their audience and the group’s clients.

Following the meeting these were the four points that we felt were crucial to take away from our visit;

When developing content ensure it develops an emotional response from the audience.

The use of contrasting celebrities or sports stars can allow important information to be transmitted across opposing demographics and still be understood and acted upon.

Tailor content for each individual platform for example longer videos are more likely to be viewed on Facebook than on Twitter so tailor the video on Twitter to be a teaser video where they can then watch the full video on Facebook or the website.

If you’re trying to make a lesser known sport or brand known, think about making a softer introduction to your audience i.e. Focus on the fan experience and not what’s happening in the game. A piece of amazing skill will also sell a story.

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