Running off to Birmingham for the National Running Show…

Emma and Leandra, two of our keenest runners at Promote, travelled up to Birmingham on Sunday to visit the National Running Show and see what's new in the world of running (and pick up tips for their own running)…

The show was considerably smaller than we'd anticipated, but had a good range of workshops available for those looking to improve their rehabilitation/stretching post-run and with essential nutrition advice to gain maximum benefits in your running. 

Of particular interest was the 3D Gait Analysis zone run by Run 3D. Having both had a gait analysis before, we were fascinated by how the infrared cameras were able to pick up even the smallest of movement patterns in all three dimensions – transverse, sagittal and frontal planes. We hear that already this technology is being used in a number of clinics nationwide, and it will soon takeover from the traditional 2D techniques currently used.

We also managed to swing by the main speaker stage, and we got the hear about Elise Downing’s incredible coastal journey as she ran 5,000 miles over the course of 301 days to explore the great British coastlines. We particularly enjoyed her selfies with all the sheep she encountered!

It was great to hear from experienced runners including  Susie Chan, Sean Conway, Anna McNuff, Ira Rainey and Elise Downing as they shared how to ‘balance adventure with the real world’. That said, we weren’t completely convinced by Ira’s tip of using duct tape for blisters on an endurance run – we think we will stick to normal plasters thank you!

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