Raising a Glass to National Drink Wine Day

Promote are not ones to shy away from a national celebration and fully participated in National Drink Wine day on the 18th. As soon as lunchtime came around the team were skipping down to Maidenhead’s finest ‘The Bear’ for a glass of wine and a bowl of chips- all part of a balanced diet we promise.

The return to the office was a chipper one, especially when we learnt about all the health benefits that wine has to offer. If you're ever feeling guilty for reaching for the corkscrew have a read of these to ease your mind: 

  • Moderate wine consumption may reduce your risk of heart disease, possibly because of the polyphenol content
  • All types of alcohol are central nervous system depressants, which means they depress brain activity and trigger a calming, sleep effect 
  • A chemical found in muscadine grapes (a dark-red variety) may slow the growth of fat cells, while improving liver function in overweight people
  • Both wine and grape seed extract may actually be good for your teeth, since they help rid teeth of plaque-causing bacteria
  • A Journal of Women's Health study found that red wine, when enjoyed in moderation, can help lower breast cancer risk in women as it results in slightly lower estrogen levels

We'll drink to those. Cheers! 

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