Product testing with Firefly

Brenda reviews the Firefly recovery device.

Skiing Brenda2

Last week I went skiing for 7 days with friends and family to Meribel in the 3 Valleys (French Alps).  We had fantastic snow and weather and managed to ski for between 6 and 7 hours each day, with the parents
trying to keep up with their fighting fit children.

I took along a set of Firefly to test them out and see if my


muscles could hold out all week. I must say that I’m usually quite cynical about things like this, believing that you need to train and work out to get really ski fit for a holiday like this and that gadgets don’t really help.  So I was amazed at the impact Firefly had.  I used them for 3-4 hours for the first 3 evenings after a full days skiing and had no aching calves at all. I still had slightly tired glutes but even that cleared after the first ski run of the day. Compared to my peers (both who are pretty fit runners) who all had very sore legs and aching muscles, I felt quite smug with my DOMS free legs. I would definitely recommend them to anyone going skiing as they made the week pain free and given how much it costs to ski for a week, they’re really worth if and quite fun to use!  See photos attached (sorry none of me in skiing action).

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