Polar puts us through our paces

Tom and I headed to Paddington Recreational Ground with the team from Polar UK and Double Olympian (and Polar UK Ambassador) Eilish McColgan. The aim? To put four lucky journalists through their paces, with specialist running drills and techniques taught by Eilish.

The lucky handpicked journalists attending included Runner’s World, The Telegraph, Health & Fitness and Outdoor Fitness. They were already keen runners looking for tips and skills from one of Britain’s finest runners to use themselves, and pass on to their readers. The event also provided a great opportunity for Polar to demonstrate how wearable technology can improve your training programme.

Eilish uses her Polar M430 during her training with its heart rate training zone guidance and Smart Coaching features (including Running Index and Fitness Testing). “For me, it is really crucial to make sure exactly what pace and distance I am running every day. I have a strict training programme that I follow, so knowing the exact pace per mile that I’m hitting allows me to monitor my progress and fitness levels” she said.

Once the journalists set up on their Polar M430s, Eilish ran through her preferred training drills and techniques. She then showed the group how Polar’s Running Index can use the training data to show the efficiency of a person’s running.

She also worked through the Fitness Testing features which enables the user to gauge their current fitness levels and track their training progress (hopefully continuously improving!). The Polar team were on hand throughout to answer any questions about Polar Flow and how the app can be used to capture all runs and workouts and analyse data.

It was an absolute joy to watch Eilish run - completely effortless and graceful. The journalists gave it their best to keep up, and all of them said they felt they had improved significantly from the beginning to the end of the session just by incorporating some of her tips and tricks.

I was also desperately hanging on to her every word as I want to include her drills in my own running. I shall keep you updated on whether or not they have worked for me at my next half marathon…

Emma Sayers

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