Nicki and Kirsty Fly High at Flying Fantastic!

Nicki and Kirsty Fly High at Flying Fantastic! - Promote PR News

Last night Nicki and Kirsty met up with Jen Slater, a bubbly fitness blogger and trail running fanatic with an infectious try-anything-once attitude, to attend their first ever Aerial Silks class in BatteAeiral Silks - K Stagrsea!Aerial Silks - Nicki coffee shop

The three met at Le Petit Nicola café (perhaps we may have found Nicki’s – Nicola Petitt – true calling!) for some indulgent French coffee and Orange crème tarts before testing out the silks.

Virtually the only beginners in the class, Kirsty, Nicki and Jen were made to feel extremely welcome by the ladies running the session and were allocated to the newbie blue silks whilst the more experienced were raAerial Silks - K confusednked yellow, green, red and black – had we come to a judo class by mistake?

To start with, the girls were taught the French Climb, which the instructor made look far easier than it actually was! Trying to co-ordinate wrapping the silk around the outside of one leg, flicking it over with the other leg whilst shimmying your body upwards using your arms and core strength was far from simple! And on reaching the top, how to get down again?! As for getting out of the silks…just look at Kirsty’s confused face to judge the difficulty of this seemingly graceful and elegant sport!

All thAerial Silks - NP pikeree admitted that the weights they do with their upper body paid dividends in this class, as the bi’s and tri’s were heavily relied upon not only when hanging from the silks and trying to untangle themselves, but also when it came to progressing to Pike Spins and Pike Pull-ups!

Hanging upside down in a Pike position, the instructor encouraged Nicki, Kirsty and Jen to attempt 5 Pull-ups, which the girls unanimously agreed are 100% harder than a normal pull-up.

Within an hour, all three had (semi) mastered The Russian Climb, The Ship, The Picture Frame and The Stag moves.Aerial Silks - NP Ship

The experience was absolutely fantastic, great fun and a good workout – bring on Aerial Trapeze and Aerial Hoop!!

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Aerial Silks - all 3

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