Izzy's time at Promote

We were thrilled to have Izzy join us for two weeks this autumn to give her a flavour of what it's like to work in a fast paced sports and fitness PR agency. She picked a great fortnight to join us with plenty of campaign and product launches taking place. Here's what she said:

"As a recent English literature graduate and keen rower, I was looking for a job which combined sports with writing when the opportunity to intern for Promote arose. I have spent the last two weeks here learning about what it takes to represent the leading brands and organisations in the sport and fitness industry. My time at Promote PR has taught me that success in PR requires three key qualities; flexibility, patience and confidence.

The importance of having strong mental agility to manage multiple different clients throughout your day is an important aspect that I never understood the importance of until my time at Promote. To be able to switch from having your mind focused on superfoods, to then suddenly jump to all things climbing, then to consider skincare and netball shoes and back to sports tech and rowing requires excellent mental agility and flexibility. You become a master of all things at all times.

Patience is important for many aspects of working in PR, whether searching for Instagram influencers, preparing a mailout for media or checking to see if said influencers have posted about your product. There is something strangely therapeutic about mailouts, maybe it's a time where your brain can pause and all you have to do is ensure that the correct product goes into the right bag - and looks beautiful.

Content filming days bring the opportunity to meet your idols (as a rower I was very excited to meet Helen Glover for the #sherows campaign), but as the excitement builds and the adrenaline kicks in you must remind yourself that patience will be necessary. Getting the perfect take requires time. 

Having the confidence to talk to people and make connections and network is one of the most challenging aspects of the business world, but also one of the most rewarding. Watching Sue at a recent content day was incredible. In the space of five minutes she had made several connections that could potentially lead to new opportunities, campaign ideas and potentially new clients. This was time that could have been wasted whilst waiting for a filming segment to finish, however, Sue used the time to develop new contacts that could benefit the company in the future. You have to take every opportunity to start the conversations as you never know what will come out of it.

Overall it is a fun and fast paced environment which presents fresh challenges every day.

Thank you for having me Promote!"

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