Katie becomes a CrossFitter!

Katie and CrossFit Instructor, Lee Carnaby at CrossFit Maidenhead

Katie and CrossFit Instructor, Lee Carnaby at CrossFit Maidenhead

The mention of CrossFit  triggers a Marmite response, people either love it or hate it. I listened to debates on both sides of the fence. I watched YouTube clips of CrossFit training sessions.  I read research reports on studies assessing injury risks. I spoke to PTs and CrossFit instructors.

The more I researched the more fascinated I became by the concept – high intensity, functional training performed in a ‘box’ and packaged into a WOD (Workout of The Day) but I was worried by the suggestion of high injury risk and the intensity.

In the end I decided the only way to find out what it’s really all about is to try it. So, at the start of December I joined CrossFit Maidenhead. Having completed six ‘RAMP UPs’ where I learnt and practiced (hundreds of times) nine principle strength movements – the foundations of strength exercises performed at ‘The Box’, I completed my first WOD earlier this week.

The verdict – I love it. Yes it’s tough. Yes, I may get injured. Yes, it hurts – a lot. But it’s also really motivating, supportive and addictive. For the first time in a long time, I feel excited by what I might be able to achieve. I’m convinced that if I attend a WOD three times a week and remain injury free I will achieve significant strength, endurance and aesthetic improvements. Can you say the same about your workout programme?

If you are thinking of giving it a go, my advice is ‘do it’, don’t be shy. Just make sure you research and find a good ‘Box’. Don’t just sign up to  the one nearest your house. While the core principles are the same across all CrossFit venues, there are significant variations in the format, and quality of instruction.

If you want to know more about it from a CrossFit beginner, just give me a shout. Wish me luck and I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

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