We meet Charlotte Simmons from Her Move

This week we were lucky enough to meet the very impressive Charlotte Simmons, co-founder of Her Move, the new online magazine with real, relatable, responsible fitness content for women. We asked Charlotte about the background and goals for the magazine and here’s what she said…

"I first met my business partner, Sabrina in our local gym three years ago and quickly found a support network of amazing women that went so much further than getting through those last 10 burpees.

Neither of us are elite athletes, personal trainers or have abs that would break the internet. We are normal women who get just as overwhelmed as the next person when it comes to reading about women’s health & fitness.

After becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of responsible content online and in the print media, with its insistence on how healthy should look, not what it truly is, we decided it was time to make a change and create a digital publication which produces responsible health & fitness content that women can really relate to. Celebrating the benefits of exercise beyond the aesthetic & encouraging women to embrace everything their amazing bodies are capable of.

Our purpose is simple: To see the day when all women have a positive relationship with health & fitness – creating habits that leads to a healthy life, not focusing on a quick fix.

We launched our social media channels at the end of August and have been overwhelmed with the positive response to what we are doing. In the build up to our site launch in early 2019, we are looking to connect with as many potential contributors, partners & likeminded individuals as possible. If you would like to chat more about how you could get involved, we would love to hear from you over at hermove.co.uk / @hermovemag"

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