Getting to Grips with the TRX and Wattbike

This week Gabby and Ruth kitted up for a PT session with Sue’s husband, Matt, to get to increase their knowledge of TRX and Wattbike - two of our clients. 

The first half of the session focused on the TRX. They’d both heard rave reviews about the product, but as relative novices, weren’t sure what to expect.

After a brief history and introduction to the equipment, they were taken through some basic warm up moves before progressing onto some more advanced exercises and workouts. They were particularly impressed with how the suspension element of the TRX allowed for a full body workout which doesn’t just limit you to one muscle group.

It’s safe to say that they both absolutely loved the TRX! Although the yellow and black straps may look daunting at first, once you’ve familiarised yourself with the adjustments and how to use the product, you’ll find that it’s actually very easy to use and incredibly versatile – there are over 300 different exercises you can do with those two straps.

Then it was time to move on the Wattbike.  

It's quite a technical piece of kit, renowned for its use with elite athletes and performance coaches. They were hugely impressed that it could track so much data, especially when used with Wattbike’s very own app - The Wattbike Hub.

The app allows users to sync the Wattbike to their app to monitor and track progress. You can also link a heart rate monitor to the Wattbike and the Wattbike app to view exactly how hard you’re working.

The Wattbike can be challenging, but is hugely beneficial if you’re working towards a fitness goal as there are a variety of tests for a multitude of things including power output and cadence.

Ruth and Gabby both thoroughly enjoyed their session with Matt, and learnt a lot about both pieces of kit. Both plan to incorporate the equipment into future gym sessions.

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