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The Emirates Stadium played host to the 2015 UK Active National Summit where they launched their ‘Blueprint for an Active Britain’. The day was filled with a variety of speakers and panels from across the health and fitness industry including MPs, former athletes and business owners.

The Minister for Sport, Tracey Crouch MP and the Minister for Public Health, Jane Ellison MP started the day off explaining the government’s approach to activity and diet but this was not before they expressed their pain of being within enemy territory as avid Tottenham Hotspur fans!

Key Message: 79% of MPs feel that physical inactivity should be a higher priority for government 

Chair of UK active, Baroness Tanni-Grey Thompson was up next and she discussed the blueprint in more detail and the challenges of the coming year. She highlighted that the language of sport can be counterproductive and that there needs to be a shift towards a more inclusive language of activity.

Key message: Sport, as an umbrella term, is dead.

uturologist Dr James Bellini wrapped up the end of the morning with an insight in to the health and fitness of tomorrow’s digital world which was both fascinating and daunting at the same time. Things to expect in the future; vertical farming, 3D printing of food, robots and holograms!

Key message: Tech implants will be the new fitness trend of the future

The afternoon started with several breakout sessions and the Promote ladies were at the apprenticeships and trailblazer talk headed by our very own Places for People Lesiure, Rich Millard. As a strong advocate for apprentices in the workplace, Rich spoke of the 400 apprentices Places for People Leisure employ and how they have a 79% completion rate for their program.

Key message: Apprentices have a significant impact on successful businesses and it’s important to change perceptions within society of what it means to be an apprentice

After the lunch break, CEO of Sport England Jennie Price shared her thoughts on increasing participation and the link between sport and physical activity. She comments that we are heavily influenced by our emotions and fears and we need to connect with these to increase engagement!

Key message: To make an activity appealing, it must be four things: easy, attractive, social and timely

The final breakout session for the day was a panel on social media marketing that involved Apprentice show contestant Katie Bulmer-Cooke who shared her own successes through marketing on social media.

Key message: Narrow your target audience- you can’t appeal to everybody!

All in all, it was a thoroughly informative and thought provoking day for the Promote team. It was inspiring to see so many female figures take the platforms and a fantastic day of networking with big names in the health and fitness industry that share the same goal of getting Britain more active!

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