Our Spartan Beasts

It’s been an exciting OCR season with Spartan but none of the races compared to the course that was laid out for the Spartan Beast at Ashburnham Place on the 27 September. A challenging 25k+ was prepared with 30+ obstacles to test their mental and physical limits to the test.

Not content with having previously completed the Sprint and Super distances, Nicky and Catherine also took to the start line (despite Nicky having a minor melt down earlier in the week when she was told head torches were a requirement as the course was going to take 5-8 hours to complete!) in order to get their Spartan Trifecta’s.
Obstacle highlights included the lake swim, both hitting the spear throw target, the memory task and Catherine falling, slow motion into a muddy river bed (possibly just Nicky’s highlight). Low moments involved a near death experience from a falling tree, coffee flavoured gels, and a brick carry…. yes a brick. Might sound simple but when you have to run carrying that brick for 3miles you’ll understand….
It was one of the most challenging events either of them had ever done but by going in with the right attitude (“doesn’t matter how long it takes, we just need to survive this thing, right?!”) they laughed the whole way round. Bruised, caked in mud and completely battered they leapt through the fire finish line in a great time and are now lining up their next adventure…. and after all that the head torches weren’t even needed! Congrats to our very own Spartan Beasts! Until next year…. AROO
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